二郎神采纳了大家的意见 Erlang Shen Everyone's Opinions 采纳 Cǎi Nà Word|采纳|Zh Cn

Item Key WORD|采纳|zh-CN
Item Type Word
Subtitle 二郎神采纳了大家的意见
Translation Erlang Shen took everyone's opinions
Word 采纳
Lemma 采纳
Part of Speech Verb
Color Green
Word Definition adopted accepted embraced
Source Youtube
Language zh-CN
Translation Language en
Word Transliteration cǎi nà
Phrase Transliteration èr láng shén cǎi nà le dà jiā de yì jiàn
Subtitle Index 66
Video ID JtBMjH3e_jg
Video Title 《龙的传说》儿童晚安故事,有声绘本故事,幼儿睡前故事
Date Created 2021-05-11 22:00
Context 让他来管制那些为所欲为的毒蛇猛兽 二郎神采纳了大家的意见 苦思冥想出一条妙计
Context Machine Translation Let him control those snakes and beasts who do whatever they want Erlang Shen took everyone's opinions Think hard and come up with a clever plan
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