Public Speech Expression B Symbolic 5a Freedom Time

Front 5A. Freedom of Expression #3: Time, Place, and Manner (TPM) Restrictions

Regulation of speech in public places okay, unless (a) thinly veiled content restrictions, and (b) no greater than necessary to achieve govt's stated purpose -- i.e. can't charge $5 for Easter parade permit and $50,000 for skin-head march

Not all public forums are open to speech, e.g. Hare Krishna in airport terminals

Generally, private property owner may prevent any form of expression on his own property, unless its the functional equivalent of a public placed (shopping mall)

Symbolic speech:

--Conduct may receive 1st A protection if (a) combined with protective speech, or (b) constitutes "symbolic speech" by itself.

--E.g., arm bands and flag burning upheld as symbolic speech, so long as it's your flag.

--State may not prohibit cross burnings if act of political expression, unless intended to intimidate


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