Regulate National Powers Enumerated Laws Establish Punish Militia

Front 2C1. National Powers: Scope of the National Legislative Power: Basis

Art 1, Sec 8: 17 enumerated powers:

+ "to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution" any power granted by Const (McCulloch, n&p = convenient or useful to exercise of enumerated power)

(1) impose taxes and pay debts

(2) borrow on credit

(3) regulate interstate commerce

(4) establish naturalization and bankruptcy laws

(5) coin and regulate value of money, fix weights and measures

(6) punish counterfeiting

(7) establish post offices and roads

(8) grant copyrights and patents

(9) create lower federal courts

(10) define and punish piracy and other international crimes

(11) declare war

(12) raise and support armies

(13) provide and maintain a navy

(14) regulate land and naval forces

(15) call forth a domestic militia

(16) organize and regulate the militia

(17) legislate wrt DC

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