Kosovo Part Yugoslavia Resolution Humanitarian Crisis General Serbia

- Kosovo was part of Serbia wich was part of Yugoslavia
- population in Kosovo ethnically different -> mostly Albanians and not Serbs
- UN feared another holcaust: believed that actions needed to be taken
- Resolution provided the most extensive mission UN had ever undertaken

- authorized the deployment of military and civilian ‘presences’ in Kosovo
- did not authorize use of force
- broadly enumerates their functions
- ultimate goal: to build capacities aimed at self-governance, while respecting the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yugoslavia
- no solution regarding Kosovos political status
- rather unspecific
- focus on managing the immediate humanitarian crisis
- did not mention the NATO interventions, that had already happened

- prevented a worsening of the humanitarian crisis
- set the UN up as a defacto government in Kosovo
- stabilized province
- established functional institution of local governance
Vorderseite Resolution 1244

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