Usa Nicaragua Principle   O Multilateral Treaties Non Intervention Breach

Nicaragua v USA
- Nicaragua claimed that the USA violated the UN-charta by sponsoring rebels in Nicaragua and mined some of their harbours
- USA accepted the courts jurisdictio (-> contentious issue), but with the limitations that the ICJ can only use norms from bilateral and not multilateral treaties
-> court could not use principle of non-intervention -> multilateral principle


- USA is in breach of customary international law ( <- way to get araound the no-multilateral treaties rule)

- USA was in breach of 
  o the prohibition of the use of force
  o the principle of non-intervention
  o the principle of state sovereignty
  o and other international law
- USA should pay reparations to Nicaragua

- USA refused to participate in the proceedings
- USA blocked any enforcement measures of the ruling by the SC
- USA withdrew their declaration of consenting to jurisdiction

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